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TE-557B-R- Tempo 557B Large Area Silicon Detector Power Meter

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Tempo 557B Lg Area Silicon Detector 630-850nm

Power Meter **One SOC Adapter Required & Sold Separately**

Insertion Loss and Link Loss Testing

The 557B 3 x 3.5 mm Si optical power meter is a general purpose instrument suitable for conducting fiber optic measurements on systems and networks based on a single-mode, multimode, plastic, and large core glass optical fibers. The 635, 780, and 850nm calibration wave- lengths are optimized for fiber optic systems incorporating near-infrared and visible light sources.

Output Power Measurements Three calibration wavelengths, a large area Si photodetector, and a wide dynamic range make the 557B optical power meter ideal for measuring the output of near-infrared and visible light sources, and other devices. In addition, a broad range of Snap-On Connector adapters for both industry standard fiber optic connectors, and many less common types, makes the 557B and indispensable tool for the local area network technician, and others working with short-wavelength fiber optic systems.


* Easy to use-three buttons control all functions
* Multi-function display summarizes all measurement data
* Relative logarithmic dB and absolute logarithmic dBm units
* Multi-wavelength reference storage-stores and recalls reference power levels for faster more efficient measurements
* Snap-on connector (SOC) interface adapts to all industry standard fiber optic connectors and other less common types
* Long battery life-more than 100 hours of continuous operation
* User-selectable auto shut-off
* AC power converter and adapter available for prolonged or benchtop use
* Splashproof

Detector Type 3 x 3.5mm silicon (Si)
Calibration Wavelengths 635nm, 780nm, and 850nm
Measurement Range +3 to -60dBm
Resolution 0.01dB

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